5 Steps To A Great Consulting Experience

Nobody wakes up one morning and says, “I am going to hire the wrong person for the wrong job, get results that dont mean anything, spend a ton of money, all to have it fail in the end” but sometimes that happens when you do not do your homework before hiring a consultant; here are 5 tips to get you on your way to doing it right.

1) what do you need? decide early: Do your homework before you even start looking for a consultant. What questions do you need answers? After you find your consulting team have a session to sit down and discuss the questions. Be sure to clarify the approach you would like to take to answer them.

2) Find the right fit: Being able to work with your consultant is vital. Is he/she creative enough? Concrete? Are they original enough to come up with new approaches or are you going to get a generic blanket solution? Can that consultant take criticism and direction as well as they can dish it out? Are they too busy to give your project the attention it needs to be a success? and most importantly, are they right for this job? All of these are things to consider when choosing your consultant, if you cannot work together…then don’t.

3) Get the right results: Alright, so, you hired a consultant, they gathered data and they presented it to you…now what? Is that information helpful? Measurable? Can you do anything with it? The result of all the time, money, and effort needs to be more than just charts and numbers; you need a solid recommendation at the end of all of this. Make sure you are clear about that from the very beginning and monitor, monitor, monitor as the project progresses!

4) Be a guide:  Be sure to check-in with your consultants and help them from an operations standpoint. Many times consultants will be great at analyzing the data they find but not so good when it comes to drawing managerial conclusions. Your consultant may know the industry to an extent, but you are an expert in that industry and that consultant might need your help just as much as you need his/hers; and besides, two perspectives are better than one.

5) Have a plan: All of this work has been for nothing if the implementation fails. Before the consulting assignment has been completed, come up with a plan of action so you have a clear guide to follow when it comes to compensation, performance indicators, and budgets. You may be the head of your company or department, but ask your co-workers; especially if they will be doing the actual implementing, these people will be a great source of ideas and information.


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